Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Interview Tips

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Interview Tips Day 1

How to pass the Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Open Day ( Day 1)
Things I learned from applying to them for more than 8 times and finally got my application successful by the last try.

Hi Guys! Its me Miss Kaykrizz (a.k.a. Ruth) and welcome to my channel.
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  1. Hello ateeeee ♥ available po ba yung book nyo sa National Bookstore? and is it neccesary to be able to speak different languages para maka pass po?

  2. I was asked "what r u doing now"

  3. Kaykrizz were you a Qatar airways air hostess?

  4. what do I say when they asked for "is this your first time applying?". Because it's gonna be my second attempt and the last application was less than a month.

  5. can u please do a video on whats in my cabin crew bag? 🙂

  6. Good luck

  7. Hi am aspiring to become a cabin Carew and your videos are very informative and inspiring. I would like to know if there is maximum age cutoff to apply for a cabin crew. Please reply 🙂

  8. Hi ate Kriz! Thanks to ur vids. Pinanood ko lahat. Very helpful to me and boost my confidence kase parehas tayo magkababayan. Tomorrow open day nila dito sa Manila. I hope I will get pass on first day!☺😊

  9. Hi miss kay i just wanna know is it true that qatar airways have this thing “fire and hire”?

  10. Aishwarya Khajuria

    Hey can I apply if I am 20?

  11. I just love your Videos! The Qatar Company will be in Romania on 2th December. So I will apply ! I hope I will be successful 😀

  12. hello misskaykriss could you tell me why tattoo's aren't allowed in this field.????

  13. Hi great video! Could you do one on pros and cons of working for Qatar Airlines ?

  14. Hi, nice vídeo, thanks a lot, i would like to ask you something additional, about tattos, i have two in non visibles áreas, would I be able to apply ?

  15. Maam please make a video on number of posts in Qatar airways and some details about the post

  16. Hi Miss Kay! Does Qatar provide airfare and accommodations for Open Day?

  17. Aura Eryka Sto Tomas

    Hi Ms Kaykrizz! Qatar Airways ka na pala?😱 As what I can rmmbr from watching your last video parang PAL ka right? Anyways, very helpful ng video mo. May I ask if necessary bang mag smile sa passport photo for the open day and how many times you've tried applying in Qatar Airways since I already tried 3 times but I always fail the reach test but I'm pretty sure naabot ko sya the second time, the lady just told me to email me but I have to keep on trying right? 🙂

  18. @misskaykrizz im already married do i still have a chance?

  19. Noriel Claire Perocho

    Hi misskaykrizz, what airline were you working before? Can you please make a video of the airline/s you worked before? Thanks

  20. black star queen black star queen

    I love her accent and the way she speaks in another language

  21. Zypher Averie Malahay

    Hi miss Kay, I was wondering if is it okay if my business attire is not black, I have one it's customed made but it's brown. I'll be applying this coming Saturday, I hope to get a response from you.
    Regarding the photo as well does it need to be in blue BG? (I've seen your old vids) Or white is okay?

    God Bless!

  22. thank you so match ❤❤

  23. 3 times for Qatar Airways Open Day,
    3 Question I got.

    1. What are you currently doing?
    2. Where r u from?
    3. Why do u want to join us?

    Lets get our wings!!!

  24. so helpful♡

  25. Hi! I just came back from OD for Qatar in Prague. I failed 🙁 But it wasn't typical OD, we started with submit CV ('just leave it here') and English & math test. Some people got rejected after that. Then we had reach test & a quick conversation, we had to choose one piece of paper with a word on that and say smth about it. I had 'SMALL'. Yes, SMALL 😀 I told them that we all should appreciate the small things which happen every day bla bla bla. Then they asked about tattoos & moles etc I told them about my tattoo on my back, and I was super-smiled while saying that (as everyone advises), but it didn't help. After that like 10 people got in to the next stage. Obviously, I have no ide me ta if it was about tattoo or not, but I think I could at least mention that I'm about to remove it? One girl who work for Qatar advicedo NOT tell them, and in case I get hired, then remove it before going to Doha 0_o. There was a girl who came from Phillipines especially for the OD! She went to Amsterday a week ago and failed AFTER THE FINAL INTERVIEW! Yesterday she went further, but I don't know if whe got in. Anyway, I need to think about it, whether I should go for another OD in Poland which is in two weeks. If I would knew if they rejected me because of the tattoo. ehh. But still, I'm glad I was there, now I know it's not THAT scary, I mean all this event.

  26. Mam i have que….in interview time is it must to bring original documents or not….bcz tomorrow my interview….nd my original documents is not with me…plz rply me mam


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