News – Young pilot plans Adventure

The journey’s centerpiece is a fact-finding video that uncovers each state’s hidden treasures, and the adventurers said that aviation will be the device that conveys those highlights.

The couple tested the long-haul concept during an unplanned overnight while returning from EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, to Anacortes, Washington, in July 2017. Fosso and Hagan landed for the night and camped at a rural airport rather than risk iffy weather, darkness, and other unknowns. They pitched a tent and were up early the next morning under more favorable conditions. “Occasionally Sam’s my autopilot,” said Fosso. “And I’m his support system,” Hagan quickly chimed in.

Fosso and Hagan promise personal interaction to those coming along for a virtual ride as the two discover and document their adventures. They have ambitious technology plans for en route livestreams, question-and-answer sessions, instant messaging, real-time tracking via Spidertracks, and……READ MORE



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